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Norcina vs. Torcicoda

Norcina vs. Torcicoda

One house, two stand-out pizzas.

The Torcicoda pizza menu changes seasonally, and every season there are some amazing pizzas that you have for sure never tried anywhere else. Two pizzas that always remain a constant however, are the Norcina and the Torcicoda. The two pizzas have a bit of rivalry as to which one is better….

The Norcina is the pizzamaker’s personal favorite. It has a Margherita pizza base (so tomatoes and ‘fior di latte’ mozzarella cheese), and is topped with sausage, cherry tomatoes, ‘stracciatella’ cheese and parmesan. The pizzamaker claims that the sausage and tomatoes make a nice liquid when cooked and the stracciatella cheese adds a sweetness and smoothness to the pizza. All of the textures and flavors together make for a simple pizza with an outstanding taste.

The Torcicoda pizza has the house name and is hard to find anywhere else. It starts out with a plain base (so no tomato), dabbed with ‘njuda (spicy spreadable salami) and covered with ‘fior di latte’ mozzarella cheese and slices of spicy salami before going in the oven. The cheese melts, covering the ‘njuda and the spicy salami gets crunchy. When the pizza leaves the oven, it gets topped with soft sun-dried tomatoes for acidity and a stracciatella cheese for a little sweetness.

Which pizza do you prefer?