The Best Pizza in Florence

What makes Torcicoda’s pizza the best in Florence?

Let’s start with the base!

Dough is levitated for up to 72 hours to ensure an easily digestible crispy crust and a chewy inside. For the toppings, we only use high quality ingredients such as San Marzano La Carmela® tomatoes from Piennolo, La colatura di alici (a prized Italian fish sauce made from Anchovies), La Farina 5 Stagioni ® flour, as well as stone ground Italian wheat flour from Quaglia Petra®  to assure an authentic flavor. Pizzas are cooked to perfection in a wood fire oven with the care of our experienced pizza maker Vito Scavo. The menu offers classic pizzas such as the famous Margherita and innovative pizzas that you can find only at Torcicoda, such as our special Torcicoda Pizza featuring burrata from Puglia, ‘Nduja from Calabria, cherry tomatoes and spicy salami.

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